Digital Documentation Question and Answer class 9 NCERT Solution

Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Which of following is not a component of the Office Suite?

a) Writer

b) Impress

c) Internet Explorer

d) Base

Answer:c) Internet Explorer


  1. The most widely used word processing software in late 1970s was_____________________.

a) Word Perfect

b) Word

c) Word Star

d) Writer

Answer:c) Word Star


  1. We can change the mistakes noticed in which of the following?

a) Electronic typewriter

b) Word processor software

c) Simple typewriter

d) Both (a) and (b)

Answer:b) Word processor software


  1. Header and Footer is available in which of the following menus?

a) File Menu

b) Insert Menu

c) View Menu

d) Edit Menu

Answer:b) Insert Menu


  1. To hide or view ruler we should go to which of the following menus?

a) Tools Menu

b) Insert Menu

c) View Menu

d) Edit Menu

Answer:c) View Menu


  1. To check the grammar we should go to which of the following menus?

a) Tools Menu

b) Insert Menu

c) View Menu

d) Edit Menu

Answer:a) Tools Menu


  1. To replace a word Bombay with Mumbai, we should go to which of the following menus?

a) Tools Menu

b) Edit Menu

c) View Menu

d) Language Menu

Answer:b) Edit Menu


  1. To close an opened document, we should to go to which of the following menus?

a) File Menu

b) Insert Menu

c) View Menu

d) Edit Menu

Answer:a) File Menu


  1. Which of the following is the default extension of the writer file?

a) .obt

b) .doc

c) .odt

d) .docx

Answer:c) .odt


  1. Which of the following technique selects a sentence in Writer?

a) Single click (Pressing left button of mouse)

b) Double Click

c) Triple Click

d) None of the above

Answer:c) Triple Click


  1. Which of the following is a shortcut key to Redo any operation?

a) CTRL + R

b) CTRL + Y

c) CTRL + X

d) CTRL + Z

Answer:b) CTRL + Y


  1. To find a word in a document we can use which of the following function key?

a) F5 key

b) F8 key

c) Fl key

d) None of the above

Answer:a) F5 key


  1. Spellings are corrected automatically in Writer because of which of the following features?

a) Auto Text

b) Auto Correct

c) Auto Complete

d) All of the above

Answer:b) Auto Correct


  1. The default table size is________________________.

a) 1 column, 1 row

b) 2 columns, 1 row

c) 2 columns, 2 rows

d) 1 column, 2 rows

Answer:b) 2 columns, 1 row



  1. What is the shape of the mouse pointer when drawing a table?

a) Pencil

b) White pointing arrow

c) Black pointing arrow

d) Black plus

Answer:c) Black pointing arrow


  1. Which shortcut key is used for automatic spell checking?


b) SHIFT + F7



Answer:b) SHIFT + F7


  1. Which shortcut key is used to insert table?

a) CTRL + F12




Answer:d) TAB + DELETE


  1. Which of the following is not valid type of data source in mail merge?

a) Spreadsheet

b) Text files

c) MySQL

d) CSV file

Answer:c) MySQL


  1. The default orientation of a page in Writer is_____________.

a) portrait

b) landscape

c) book

d) None of the above

Answer:a) portrait


  1. Which of the following does not come under page formatting?

a) Setting margins

b) Find and replace

c) Setting header and footer

d) Page orientation

Answer:b) Find and replace


  1. Saving an existing document with some other name using the Save As option_______.

a) replaces the current document

b) leaves the current document intact

c) is not possible

d) closes the document

Answer:b) leaves the current document intact


  1. Keyboard shortcut to italicise the selected text is

a) Ctrl + U

b) Shift + U

c) Ctrl + I

d) Shift + I

Answer:c) Ctrl + I


  1. Which option should be used to type H2O, to get 2 at its proper place?

a) Bold

b) Superscript

c) Underline

d) Subscript

Answer:d) Subscript


  1. What option should be used to to change the word ‘Books’ to the word ‘Copies’ in a document?

a) Find

b) Find and Replace

c) Spell check

d) Spelling and grammar check

Answer:b) Find and Replace


  1. What is the option to print the document so that the height of the page is less than its width?

a) Landscape

b) Portrait

c) Indent

d) Tab setting

Answer:a) Landscape


Fill in the blanks

  1. The submenu item with three dots ‘…’ just after the submenu name, denote that it will open the ______.[Extended options]
  1. The submenu item with right hand side arrows ‘►’, means, clicking on it will open ________.[Subcategories or submenus]
  2. Formatting Tool Bar contains various options for __________.[Formatting text]
  3. By pressing the Home key you jump to the _________ and by pressing the End key you jump to ____________.[beginning; end]
  4. After using the undo command, to go back again to the previous position the, _________ option or command is used.[Redo]
  5. Double click is used to select the __________.[Word or text]
  6. Headers appear at the _______ and footers appear at the _______ of every page.[top; bottom]
  7. In the ______ page orientation the height of the page is less than its width.[Landscape]
  8. The __________ option is used to see how the document will look like when it will be printed.[Print Preview]
  9. In mail merge the file holding the mailing addresses is called as _______.[Data source]


State whether the following statements are True or False

  1. To open word processor ‘Window’ menu option is selected.[False]
  2. Current file name is shown in Status Bar.[True]
  3. Open icon for opening a file is part of Standard Tool Bar.[False]
  4. Format Menu contains the options that apply to the whole document.[True]
  5. It is possible to open a MS-Word file in Libre Office-Writer.[True]
  6. We cannot open Libre Office-Writer file in MS-Word.[False]
  7. Writer does not permit to copy a selected text in to another document.[False]
  8. It is possible to copy a selected text without using Menu options and keyboard options.[True]
  9. To open the ‘Find & Replace’ dialog box, we have to go to Format menu.[False]
  10. We can find all the cities included in a document using ‘Find and Replace’ feature of Writer.[True]
  11. While typing if an incorrect spelling is detected a red line is marked under it. After correcting it, the red line is converted into green line.[False]
  12. The text written in Header and Footer is printed on each page of the document.[True]
  13. The page number appears with gray background and is printed with background.[False]
  14. Writer creates a table as wide as the page area.[True]
  15. A new column is created in table by pressing tab key.[False]
  16. Mail merge is used to prepare multiple copies of the same document. [True]
  17. The Form Letter contains the variable information in mail merge.[True]
  18. The portrait and landscape orientations are set in Paper option under properties.[True]
  19. In Print Range by default current page is selected for printing.[True]
  20. By default the page size is A4.[True]


Short answer questions (50 words)

1. In a document all the occurrences of word “this” have to be changed to “these”. Which option is suitable for this and what is the shortcut command used for it?

The suitable option for changing all occurrences of the word “this” to “these” is the “Find and Replace” option. The shortcut command used for it is usually “Ctrl + H”.


2. Which two documents are essential for mail merge?

The two essential documents for mail merge are the main document (containing the generic content) and the data source document (containing the personalized data for merging).


3. Explain the concept of Word Processing.

Word Processing is the creation, editing, formatting, and printing of electronic documents using specialized software called word processors. It involves manipulating text and applying various formatting options to create professional-looking documents.


4. List the various software available for word processing.

Various software available for word processing include Microsoft Word, Google Docs, LibreOffice Writer, Apple Pages, and WPS Office Writer, among others.


5. Write difference between a text editor and a word processor software. Write the name of any text editor or word processor available in market.

A text editor is a software used for creating and editing plain text files, providing basic formatting options but lacking advanced features like page layout and graphics. A word processor software, on the other hand, offers advanced formatting and layout options, allowing for the creation of complex documents with images, tables, and more. Examples of a text editor include Notepad and Sublime Text, while Microsoft Word and Google Docs are examples of word processor software.


6. List the various components of LibreOffice suite. Explain each component in one line.

 The various components of LibreOffice suite are:

    • Writer: A word processor for creating documents.
    • Calc: A spreadsheet application for numerical data and calculations.
    • Impress: A presentation application for creating slideshows.
    • Draw: A vector graphics editor for creating diagrams and illustrations.
    • Base: A database management application.
    • Math: A mathematical equation editor.


7. Compare the features of manual typewriter, electronic typewriter and word processing software.

Manual typewriter: Requires manual effort for typing, no editing or formatting features.

Electronic typewriter: Allows for easier typing with electronic assistance, limited editing and formatting options. Word processing software: Provides advanced editing, formatting, and automation features, allowing for professional document creation.


8. Explain the different views to display a document.

The different views to display a document are:

    • Normal view: Displays the document as it will appear when printed.
    • Web layout view: Displays the document as it would appear in a web browser.
    • Print layout view: Shows how the document will appear when printed, including margins, headers, and footers.
    • Outline view: Displays the document’s structure in an outline format.


9. What are the various methods for selecting the text in a document? Give the steps to select a paragraph.

Various methods for selecting text in a document are:

      • Click and drag: Click at the starting point of the text, hold the mouse button, and drag to the ending point.
      • Triple-click: Quickly click three times on a word to select it. Triple-clicking in an empty space selects the entire paragraph.
      • Shortcut commands: Use shortcut commands like Ctrl+A to select all the text, or Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys to select text word by word.


10. What are the special characters? How can you insert them in a document?

Special characters are symbols or characters that are not readily available on the keyboard, such as ©, ™, €, etc. In a document, you can insert special characters by going to the “Insert” menu, selecting “Special Characters,” and choosing the desired character from the character map or using the Unicode value.


11. How will you count the total words of a document?

To count the total words of a document, you can go to the “Tools” menu, select “Word Count,” and a dialog box will display the total number of words in the document.


12. What are the various menu of Writer GUI?

 The menus in Writer GUI include File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Table, Tools, Window, and Help.


13. What is the default extension assigned to the document in Writer when you save it? Write down the steps to save the document to Microsoft Word document?

The default extension assigned to the document in Writer when you save it is “.odt”. To save the document as a Microsoft Word document, you can go to the “File” menu, select “Save As,” choose the desired location, enter a file name, and select the file format as “Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx)”.


14. What is the importance of password in the document?How will you protect the document using password in Writer?

Password in a document is important for securing sensitive information. To protect a document using a password in Writer, you can go to the “File” menu, select “Save As,” choose the desired location, enter a file name, click on “Save with password,” and set a password for the document.


15. What is mail merge? Write down the steps to create mailing labels to paste on wedding cards.

Mail merge is a feature that allows you to create personalized documents by merging a main document with a data source. To create mailing labels for wedding cards using mail merge in Writer, you need to set up the main document with the desired label format and merge it with a data source containing the names and addresses of the recipients.


16. What are the advantages of table? Prepare your report card of Class VIII in table format.

 Advantages of a table include organized data presentation, easy data manipulation and sorting, efficient comparison of information, and improved readability. To prepare a report card of Class VIII in table format, you can create a table with rows representing students and columns representing subjects, and fill in the grades for each student.


17. Write an application to your Principal for field visit to any IT Industry.


17. [Your Name] [Your Address] [City, State, ZIP]


[Principal’s Name] [School Name] [School Address] [City, State, ZIP]

Subject: Field Visit to IT Industry

Dear [Principal’s Name],

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to request permission for a field visit to an IT industry for educational purposes.

[Provide a brief introduction explaining the educational significance and objectives of the field visit. Mention the potential benefits for students in terms of gaining practical knowledge, exposure to industry practices, and understanding real-world applications of the concepts learned in the classroom.]

[Specify the proposed date(s) and duration of the field visit. If there are any specific IT companies or facilities you wish to visit, mention them here.]

We have made arrangements for adequate supervision and safety measures during the visit. Our students will adhere to the code of conduct and follow any guidelines provided by the industry representatives. We believe that this field visit will greatly enhance our students’ understanding of the IT industry and its role in the modern world.

We kindly request your approval and support for this field visit. If you require any additional information or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. We are grateful for your consideration and look forward to a positive response.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours sincerely, [Your Name]

[Student’s Class and Roll Number]

[Contact Information]