CBSE Sample Paper Class 8 Annual Examination


Sub- Science

Time: 2:30 hour/M.M.-80

All questions are compulsory.

1- Multiple choice Question- 5

i) An earthquake originates  from the –


(b) Seismic focus

(c) epicenter


ii) When the ciliary muscles relax the thickness of the  lens :-

(a) Remains the same

(b) reduces

(c) increases


iii) The number of images formed when the angle between two mirrors is 240is-

(a) 16

(b) 14

(c) 18


iv) The planet with the fastest revolving speed is –

(a) Neptune

(b) Mercury

(c) Saturn


v) The constellation which contains the pole star is –

(a) Orion

(b) Lisa  Major

(c) Urea Minor


vi) Which of the following is the best quality coal?

(a) Lignite

(b) Anthracite

(c) Peat


vii) Natural gas contain-


(b) carbon monoxide

(c) methane


viii) Air polluted with acidic oxides effects –

(a) Sculptured

(b) crops

(c) both


ix) Disinfection of water can be lone by-

(a) Ozone

(b) chlorine

(c) both


x) The article to be electroplated is made –

(a) The anode

(b) the cathode

(c) either anode  or cathode


2- Fill in the blanks :- 5

i) Increasing concentration of greenhouse gases leads to _____________.

ii) Disinfection of water in municipal water treatment plant is done by ________.

iii) Coke is obtained by _____________ of coal.

iv) Petroleum occurs in nature between the layers of ____________.

v) Neptune has _________ known moons revolving around it.

vi) _________ bodies are also called heavenly

vii) The ____________ point for a normal eye is infinity.

viii) The image formed by a ___________ mirror is always erect.

ix) ___________is the visible white part of the eye filled with watery fluid.

x) An ___________ is used to detect and measures the electric charge.


 3- State whether the following statements are true or False                                              5

i) Jewelers electroplate silver and gold on less expensive metals.

ii) Tectonic hates to not move at all

iii) One should take shelter under a heavy table during an earthquake.

iv) The Braille is a tactual aid

v) The light rays from and object enter the eye through cornea.

vi) Neptune is called the red planet.

vii) Jupiter is the largest planet of the solar system.

viii) N.G is less polluting than petrol.

ix) Fossil fuels cannot be made in the laboratory

x) Name the chemicals used for the disinfection of water.


 4- Define the following :- 6

i) Anode

ii) Ton

iii) Light

iv) Near point


 5- Give short notes on:- Do any fours 8

i) Application of electrolysis

ii) Defects of vision

iii) Asteroids

iv) How we see things

v) Earth


 6- Give differences between each of the following – 8

i) Star and planets

ii) Inner  planets and outer Planets

iii) Insulators and conductors

iv) Anthracite and Bituminous


 7- Give answers in short shot (Do any seven ) 14

i) What is and electrolyte? Give a few examples.

ii) Name the instrument used to measure seismic waves. Describe its components.

iii) Explain why an atom is electrically neutral

iv) What is the Milky Way? Why is it named so?

v) How is coke formed? What are its uses?

vi) What is potable water? How is a water sample contaminated with excess salts purified?

vii) How is air pollution a threat to stone monuments and metallic installations?

viii) What are fossil fuels?


 8- Long answer type question -(Do any four) 16

i) Discuss a few precautions that we should take to protect ourselves from lightning.

ii) Give the characteristics of the image formed by a plane mirror.

iii) Give detailed description of the Braille system.

iv) Give a note on the earth s moon.

v) What is natural gas? How is it obtained?

vi) What steps should be taken to control air and water pollution in our surroundings?

vii) How does air polluted with particulate matter of act human beings?


 9- Match the following :-                                                 5

Column ‘A’                                                                Column ‘B’

i) Producer gas                                    A mixture of  carbon monoxide

ii) Natural gas                                     most inferior quality of coal

iii) Peat                                                   used in manufacture of fertilizers

iv) Pitch or tar                                      Petroleum product used in road  surfacing

v) Anthracite                                         Coal with over 90% carbon content


 10- Draw any two labeled diagrams. 8

i) A lightning conducting

ii) A human eye

iii) A solar system

iv) Image of a ozone hole

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