CBSE Sample Paper Class 7 Social Science SA-1


Subject- Social Science

Time: 3 hour/ M.M.-80

All questions are compulsory.

1- Tick the correct option. (6)

i) _____ was the first ruler of the Pala Dynasty.

a) Gopala

b) Devpala

c) Dharampala

d) Rajpala

ii) The atmosphere is held to the Earth by the force of____

a) Attraction

b) movement

c) deflection

d) gravity

iii) ____ is part of the responsibility of the government.

a) collecting road tax

b) selling new cars

iv) Mushroom rocks are mostly found in _____.

a) Deserts

b) beaches

c) mountains

d) flood plains

v) ______ is an active volcano.

a) Rainier

b) Vesuvius

c) Stomboli

d)  Etna

vi) The practice of sijdah was introduced in the court of______.

a) Balban

b) Iltutmish

c) Qutbudin

d) None of these

2- Fill in the blanks. (6)

i) The Rashtrakutas were subordinates of the____.

ii) The deformation of the layers of rocks is known as ____.

iii) _____ is not an agent of erosion.

iv) Women in India got their right to vote in _____.

v) The government is responsible for checking _____pollution.

vi) Gems are found in ______ rocks.

3- Write True or False. (6)

i) A gorge is also called a T-shaped valley.

ii) Nickle is the fossil fuel.

iii) The pala dynasty grew under Dharmapala and his son Rampala.

iv) The Nepal-Bihar earthquake occurred in 2004.

v) The Bhuj earthquake occurred in 2004.

vi) Mushroom rocks are common in the Thar Desert.

4- Mention the following on World’s Map. (5)

i) The Circum Pacific belt(North America,South America)

ii) Mid continental belt.(Europe,Alps and Himalayas)

5- Draw a neat and clean diagram of any one given below. (5)

i) Plate boundaries.

ii) Interior of the earth.

6- Answer the following question in brief. (20)

i) What is federalism?

ii) Why is the Road Safety Week observed?

iii) How are the Flood plains formed?

iv) Why did the sultan appoint Razia as the ruler?

v) Give 2 reasons to show that Mihira Bhoj was very religious.

vi) Explain how an earthquake occurs.

vii) How is lava different from magma? OR How are extrusive rock formed.

viii) What are moraines?

ix) What is coalition government?

x) Why is the constitution important in the context of Indian democracy?

7- Answer these questions in detail.(24)

i) List advantages of midday meal scheme

ii) What are the responsibilities of the government via transport?

iii) Democracy has become popular form of government in the recent times. Explain.

iv) Evaluate the major policies undertaken by Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq and write few drawbacks of the policies. OR How are volcanoes distributed on the Earth.

v) Explain the three types of plate movements.

vi) List the functions of the election commission

vii) What steps have been taken by the government in order to empower women?

viii) Explain why the density of rocks increases with depth.

8- Distinguish between the following terms(Attempt any four of the following) (8)

i) Natural environment and human made environment.

ii) Extrusive and intrusive rock.

iii) Mineral and ore

iv) Folding and faulting

v) Mesosphere and thermosphere

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