CBSE Sample Paper Class 7 Mathematics Set-2

Annual Examination


Subject- Mathematics

Time: 2:30 hour/M.M.-80

All questions are compulsory.

1- Multiple choice questions – (6)

i) as rate percent is

a) 75%

b) 7.5%

c) 0.75%

ii) The complement of 80% is

a) 1000

b) 200

c) 100

iii) Each diagonal of a square is 12 cm long. Its area is

a) 144cm2

b) 36cm2

c) 72cm2

iv) On selling a bat for Rs 100, a man gains Rs 20. His gain % is

a) 20%

b) 25%

c) 18%

v) If a:b = 3:4 and b:c = 8:9 then a:c = ?

a) 1:2

b) 1:3

c) 2:3

vi) If 4.5m of a uniform rod weighs 17.1 kg, what is the weight of 12 m of such a rod?

a) 2 kg

b) 53 kg

c) 45.6 kg

2- Do any 10 questions -(20)

i) If A: B = 3:5 and B: C= 10:13 find A: B: C.

ii) If the third proportional to 7 and x is 28 find the value of x.

iii) A train covers a distance of 51 km in 45 min. How long will it take to cover 221 km?

iv) 45 cows can graze a field in 13 days. How many cows will graze the same field in 9 days?

v) Find the number whose 13% is 65.

vi) 96% of the cost of a TV is Rs 10464. What is its total cost?

vii) On selling a sofa-set for Rs 21600, a dealer gains 8%. For how much did he purchase it?

viii) Find the simple interest and the amount when principal = Rs 6400 rate= 6% p.a. and time = 2 years.

ix) Find the area of a rectangular plot, one side of which is 48m and its diagonal is 50m.

x) Find the height of a parallelogram whose area is 54cm2 and base is 15cm.

xi) Find the radius of a circle whose circumference is 57.2 cm.

3- Do any 10 questions – (30)

i) The simple interest on a certain sum for 3 years at 10% per annum is Rs 829.50. Find the sum.

ii) Draw a line AB and draw another line CD parallel to AB at a distance of 3.5 cm from it.

iii) Construct a ∆ ABC in which AB = 3.8 cm, ⦤A = 600 and AC = 5 cm.

iv) A square lawn is surrounded by a path 2.5 wide. If the area of the path is 165m2, find the area of the lawn.

v) Find the area of a right triangle whose base is 1.2m and hypotenuse 3.7m.

vi) The circumference of a circle is 264 cm. Find its area.

vii) A die was thrown 20 times and the following outcomes were recorded 5,2,1,3,4,4, 5,6,2,2,4,5,5,6,2,2,4,5,5,1. Arrange the above data in ascending order and prepare the frequency table.

viii) Too coins tossed 200 times and we get two heads= 58 times, one head= 83 times, o head = 59 times when two coins are tossed at random what is the probability of getting

a) 2 heads

b) 1 head

c) 0 head

ix) The marks of a student in different subjects are given below.

Subject Hindi English Math Science S.S.T
Marks 43 56 80 65 50

Draw a bar graph from the above information.

x) 1152 bars of soap can be packed in 8 cartons of the same size. How many such cartons will be required to pack 3888 bars.

xi) What number must be added to each of the numbers 5,9,7,12 to get numbers which are in proportion.

4- Do any 6 questions – (24)

i) What number must be added to each term of the ratio 9:16 to make the ratio 2:3?

ii) In an examination 72% of the total examinees passed. If the number of failures is 392, find the total number of examinees.

iii) On the selling a computer for Rs 24480, a dealer losses 4%. For how much should he sell it to gain 4%?

iv) The sides of a triangle are in the ratio 13:14:15 and its perimeter is 84cm. Find the area of the triangle.

v) Daily wages of 45 workers in a factory are given below.

Daily wages in Rs. 300 375 450 525 600
No. of Workers 6 8 9 12 10

Find the median and mean. Using empirical formula calculate its mode.

vi) A room 9.5 m long and 6m wide is surrounded by a 1.25m wide verandah. Calculate the cost of cementing the floor of this verandah at Rs 80 her m2.

5- Fill in the blanks-

i) If 16% of A = 20% of B, then A: B = ______.

ii) 6% =______ (express in decimals)

iii) CP= (100 × SP)/(___+___)

iv) I hectare = ______ m2.

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