CBSE Sample Paper 2021 Class 6 Social Science SA-2

Annual Examination


Sub- Social Studies

Time: 2:30 hour/M.M.-80

All questions are compulsory.

1- Tick the correct Answer – (8)

i) Velar was the word used for-

a) Rich Landowners

b) Small farmers

c)Landless laborers

ii) BDO is head of an administrative body at-

a) District level

b) Village level

c)Block level

iii) Record of cultivation on a landed is-

a) Khasra



iv) Bhagirathi and Alaknanda meet at-

a) Devprayag


c) Prayag

v) Mount Kilimanjaro is in

a) Japan



vi) Hiuen-tsang stayed for many years at

a) Taksila

b) Varanasi

c) Nalanda

vii) Who was referred as Indiannapoleon-

a) Chandra Gupt 1st


c) Vikramaditya

viii) Pitakas are compiled by-

a) Vasumitra

b) Ashvaghosh


2- Fill in the blanks- (6)

i) Early coins are known as ___________ coins.

ii) ___________was the greatest ruler of Satavahandynasty.

iii) Ravi kite was the court poet of___________.

iv) The in charge of a Thana is___________

v) The Rockies of North America are___________ Mountains.

vi) Moving air is called___________.

3- Right true or false for the following statement. (6)

i) Aihole was the capital of pallabas.

ii) Aryabhatt was a mathematician and an astronomer.

iii) Munsi pal corporations are governed by state and central government.

iv) The farmers do not have to pay any charges to government while sailing their lands.

v) The domain of life is called hydrosphere.

vi) Erosion is the process of wearing away.

4- Match the following-(6)

i) Lots of dakhinapatha                     Function of munsipal corporation

ii) Harshacharita                                Karnataka

iii) Jog Falls                                          Asia

iv) The largest continent                   Kings of Satvahans

v) Muvendra Cholas,                         Chiras&Pandyas

vi) Supply of safe drinking water     Banabhatt

5- Very short Questions- (8)

i) What are addicts?

ii) Which dynastyruled over Andhra Pradesh?

iii) Where Ajanta- Alora caves situated.

iv) Why are the northern plains which in agriculture?

v) Name the permanent employee of a gram panchayat.

vi) Which is the poorest category of people in the village engaged in farming?

vii) Give one example of an intermundane plateau.

viii) Name the ocean whose safe resembles with letter us.

6- Short Questions. (Any 5)(10)

i) Write a short note on Maurya architecture.

ii) Mention briefly about the two type of Buddhism.

iii) What is a stupa?.Name one famous stupa in Madhya Pradesh.

iv) Name the continent of the world.

v) Panchayat as the village level are divided into how many organizations? Name them.

vi) Name some of the public services provide by government of a village?

vii) Mention two main characteristic of coastal plains?

7- Long Question- (Any 06)(18)

i) Describe the function of Gramabhojaka why was he so powerful?

ii) What is meant by Sangam Age? Discuss its importance in Indian history.

iii) Describe the geographical location of India with respect to latitudes and longitudes?

iv) Describe the composition of atmosphere?

v) Why river plains are thickly populated and mountains are thinly populated?

vi) What are the functions of gram panchayat?

vii) How did women benefit under new in heritance law?

8- Make a diagram of solar system. (5)

9- Distinguish between the following. (Any 4) (8)

i) Continents and Oceans

ii) Eastern and western Ghat

iii) Gupta administration and Mauryan administration

iv) Gram Sabha and Gram panchayat

10- Locate these countries on India’s boundary. (5)

i) Pakistan

ii) Nepal

iii) Bangladesh

iv) China

v) Sri Lanka

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