CBSE Sample Paper 2021 Class 6 Science Half Yearly

Half Yearly Examination (2020-21)


Time: 2:30 Hours

Subject: Science

Maximum Marks: 80

All questions are compulsory.

1- Select the correct options :- (6)

i) A bowl of dale accidentally fell into wheat flour. You will separate them by:

a) Sieving

b) winnowing

c) filtration

ii) Ice can be changed into water by :-

a) Melting

b) breaking

c) freezing

iii) The outermost part of the flower is the :-

a) Sepal

b) stamen

c) Petal.

iv) The number of ribs in the body is :-

a) 12 pairs

b) 14 pairs

c) 22 pairs

v) Animals with streamlined body are generally found in :-

a) Mountain

b) aquatic habitat

c) desert

vi) Which of these is not a waste material exerted by plants?

a) Urea

b) gum

c) resins

2- Matching :-(6)

A                                      B

i) Forelimb                    Pelvis

ii) Hind limb                  Humerus

iii) Pelvic girdle             Humerus

iv) Pectoral girdle         Tissue

v) Breastbone              Sternum

vi) Tendon                    Femur

3- Fill in the blanks :- (8)

i) Cows breathe through _____________.

ii) _____________ organisms are composed of single cells.

iii) Hot and dry conditions are found in _____________.

iv) The long deep winter sleep of some animals is called_____________.

v) The point at which two bones meet is called a _____________.

vi) The human skeleton has _____________bones.

vii) ___________ acts as a shock absorber between two  bones

viii) ____________is the largest bone in the human body.

4- Write true or false for the given statement? (8)

i) A tree is a living thing.

ii) Oxygen is a waste product generated during respiration.

iii) Moss and ferns grow in deserts.

iv) Cacti carry out photosynthesis in their stems.

v) Grass leaves have reticulate venation.

vi) Coriander plant is a shrub.

vii) Burning a paper is a chemical change.

viii) Boiling potatoes is a change.

5- Define the following :-(Do any four )

a) Habitat

b) Hibernation

c) Adaptation

d) Pollination

6- Give answers in one word. (8)

i) What is called the arrangement of veins on a leaf?

ii) What is called the loss of water in the form of vapor from the leaves?

iii) The animals that hunt and kill other animals are called?

iv) Give an example of a non-living thing.

v) Give an example of a single cell animal.

vi) What is called the male reproductive part of a flower?

vii) Which types of change will be when a candle is lit am the wax melts?

viii) Which type of method we will use to separate of sand and iron filings?

7- Answer the following questions in brief.(Do any 8)(16)

i) What is a mixture?

ii) What is a saturated solution?

iii) Give example each of slow and fast change.

iv) Name the males and the female reproductive parts of a plant.

v) What are joints?

vi) Why do birds and fish have streamlined bodies?

vii) What is meant by breathing?

viii) Why should waste products be removed from the animal body?

ix) Mention the adaptive features of the desert jackrabbit.

8- Answer the following questions (do any four) in detail :- (16)

i) Describe the characteristics of living things in detail.

ii) List the adaptive features of animals that are found in grasslands.

iii) How does a snail move?

iv) List any three important functions each of roots and stem.

v) Explain the process of threshing? How is it done nowadays?

vi) What kinds of changes occur when a candle burns?

9- Draw any one diagram :- (4)

i) Paramecium

ii) Cactus

iii) Fish

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