CBSE Sample Paper 2021 Class 5 Social Science SA-2

Annual Examination


Subject- Social Studies

Time: 2:30 hour/M.M.-80

All questions are compulsory.

1- Multiple Choice Questions.(8)

i) Electricity can be made using.

a) Solar cell

b) Solar cooker

c) Solar Heater

ii) Which of these not a clean source of energy.

a) Wood

b) Wind

c) Flowing water

iii) The number of permanent members of Security Council.

a) 15

b) 5

c) 10

iv) ICJ stands for international court of.

a) Judge

b) Justice


v) The revolt of 1857 was crushed in.

a) 1857

b) 1867

c) 1858

vi) The British forced Indian farmers to grow.

a) Cotton

b) Rice

c) Wheat

vii) Kathakli is a-

a) Folk dance

b) Dance drama

c) Martial dance

viii) Madhubani is a style of painting from.

a) Rajasthan

b) Bihar

c) Odisha

2- True and false statements. (8)

i) Hindi and Bengali are classical languages.

ii) Kuchipudi is a classical dance form of Andhra Pradesh.

iii) Gandhi Ji started the Swadeshi movement.

iv) The British forced to Indian farmers to grow indigo.

v) The revolt of 1857 is also called India‘s first war of Independence.

vi) All Indian rulers fought against the British during the revolt of 1857.

vii) The British divided Bengal to break the unity of Indians.

viii) The Stupas of Ashok’s time were built with stone.

3- Match the following.(6)

i) Settles disputes security council

ii) Maintain peace in the world world court

iii) Provides loans to needy countries chief of the navy

iv) Admiral world bank

v) General chief of the air force

vi) Air chief Marshal chief of the army

4- Very short answer type questions.(10)

i) What is cleaning of forest called?

ii) What are pesticides mostly used for?

iii) Which part of India is prone to flood?

iv) When do cyclones generally occur in India?

v) Where do IPS officer get trained?

vi) Which is our youngest farmed force?

vii) Name the four armed forces of India?

viii) After which war was UN formed?

ix) Name two Classical Dances of India.

x) Name two mass movement led by Mahatma Gandhi Ji.

5- Short answer type questions.(Do any eight)(16)

i) How does saving electricity reduce pollution?

ii) What do you know about the wall paintings in India?

iii) Why is our culture so rich in variety?

iv) What role do armed forces play?

v) What is the role of Indian foreign services officers?

vi) What does UNICEF do?

vii) When was UN formed? How many members did it have then?

viii) What harmful effect do chemical have on the bodies?

ix) Why the revolt of 1857 was important for the Indians?

x) The Stupas of Ashok’s time were built with stone.

6- Long answer type questions. Do any five.(15)

i) Mention any three aims of UN.

ii) Write about three harmful effect of deforestation.

iii) What is a Martial dance? Give two examples.

iv) Give three reasons why the British were able to crush the revolt?

v) Write three things that IPS officers do?

vi) How did the people of Arctic get there food?

vii) List any three causes of flood?

7- Show the following states on Indian map. (5)

i) Jammu and Kashmir

ii) Rajasthan

iii) Gujrat

iv) Uttar Pradesh

v) Tami Nadu

8- Draw a neat and clean diagram of cash crops. (4)

9- Fill in the blanks.(8)

i) Trees help to form ________ by giving out water vapour.

ii) Too much________ in the air can lead to global warming.

iii) A Solar heater makes uses of________ to heat water.

iv) A river blocked by a________ can cause a flood.

v) A ________a violent storm that usually arises over the sea.

vi) The lack of rain for a long time can lead to a________.

vii) An undersea earth quake can produce a huge wave called a________.

viii) ________ and________ are animals found in the polar sea.

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