CBSE Class 8 Science Sample Paper SA-2

Annual Examination


Subject- Science

Time: 3 hour


All questions are compulsory.

1- Multiple choice questions – (5)

i) Loudness of sound depends on its –

a) Wavelength

b) amplitude

c) frequency

ii) The setup used for electroplating is knows as –

a) Voltmeter

b) Tank

c) wattmeter

iii) The decomposition of an electrolyte by passing current through it is called –

a) Electrolysis

b) catalysis

c) chemical reaction

iv) The positively charged particles inside the nucleus are called –

a) Neutrons

b) electrons

c) protons

v) The instruments used to measure the intensity of an earthquake is –

a) Seismograph

b) Electroscope

c) Richer scale

vi) The black board seems black because –

a) It reflects black color

b) it reflects every color

c) it absorb black color

vii) The human eye forms the image of an object at its –

a) Retina

b) Pupil

c) cornea

viii) The most massive planet of our solar system is –

a) Jupiter

b) Earth

c) Saturn

ix) The planet closest to the sun is –

a) Venus


c) Mercury

x) Which of these is a water pollutant?

a) Arsenic

b) Sewage

c) Chlorine

2- Write True or False for the given statement – (5)

i) Use of biogas reduces air pollution.

ii) Cold water causes thermal pollution.

iii) Tsunami always follow earthquake.

iv) Moving charges are referred to as current.

v) Cathode is the electrode connected to the positive terminal.

vi) Sound travels the fastest in vacuum.

vii) Harmonium is a wind instrument.

viii) Sound does not needs a material medium for its propagation.

ix) Loudness of sound is directly linked to its amplitude.

x) Reflection is the bouncing back of light.

3- Fill in the blanks – (5)

i) ______ is a string instrument.

ii) Utensils used for storing food items are called with ______.

iii) Two balloons rubbed with silk will move ______ each other.

iv)  ________ is a point on the earth’s surface vertically above the focus.

v) Neutral atoms have the same number of _________.

vi) In old age, the eye may become cloudy due to _______.

vii) A plane mirror always forms a _____ image.

viii) A belt of asteroids orbits between ______ and Jupiter.

ix) Water that is not fit for drinking is called _______ water.

x) _______ is the main green house gas.

4- Answer in one word -(5)

i) It absorbs ultraviolet rays.

ii) It is made from the remains of plants and animals.

iii) The vehicle that emit the least carbon dioxide is called.

iv) The path followed by a planet while revolving around the sun .

v) A non-metal which is good conductor of electricity.

5- Match the following correctly – (5)

‘A’                                                      ‘B’

i) Pollution                   combination of various gases

ii) Smog                       cause water borne diseases

iii) Air pollution            Undesirable substance

iv) Polluted water         friendly gas

v) N.G                          cause respiratory disease

6- Give the full form of these – (5)

i) S.P.M

ii) BOD

iii) ISRO

iv) ASL

v) W.H.O.

7- Give reasons for the following statement – (8)

i) Fires caused by electric short circuit should not be doused with water.

ii) We should not carry an umbrella during thunderstorms.

iii) We are able to see objects clearly due to diffused reflection.

iv) Iron bridges are coated with zinc.

8- Short answer type questions (Do any 8) – (16)

i) How do you measure noise?

ii) What is electroplating?

iii) What is lightning conductor and how does it work.

iv) Differentiate between focus and epicenter?

v) What is meant by multiple reflections? Explain with an example.

vi) What are the three main layer of the earth?

vii) What causes the formation of seasons on the earth?

viii) Why is ozone layer important?

ix) Why is earth referred to as the blue planet?

9- Long answer type questions (Do any 4) -(16)

i) Explain in details how water purification can be done.

ii) Explain with the help of a diagram the formation of image in the human eye.

iii) What is acid rain? What causes it?

iv) What is Kaleidoscope? How does it work?

v) What are the precautions that one must take during an earthquake?

10- Draw any two figures – (10)

i) Human ear

ii) Human eye

iii) Structure of earth

iv) Lighting