CBSE Class 8 Mathematics Practice Paper 2020-21


Time- 2:30 Hour

Maximum Marks-80

All questions are compulsory.

A- Multiple choice questions-(10)

1- Which of the following is the square of even number?

a) 9

b) 36

c) 169

2- Which of the following is the perfect square a number?

a) 256

b) 362

c) 168

3- Which of the following is a unit place digit in a square of 258?

a) 2

b) 8

c) 4

4- The cube of (-4) is-

a) -16

b) 64

c) -64

5- The reversed number of 396 is-

a) 693

b) 936

c) 369

6- Which of the following is divisible by 6?

a) 193

b) 150

c) 635

7- Multiply of (-2x X 3y) is-

a) 6x

b) -6xy

c) 6xy

8- Divide 12x by 36 is-

a) 1/3

b) 3x

c) x/3

9- The HCF Of 3x and 12 is

a) 3

b) 3x

c) 12

10- (a-b) (a+b)=_______

a) (a-b)2

b) b2-a2

c) a2-b2

B. Fill in the blanks- 8

1- (a+b)2=a2+b2+_______

2- Generalized form of 96=_______

3- The next two numbers in 29, 25, 21, 17, 13,____,_____

4- The next two numbers in 1,3,9,27, 81,_____,_____

5- 300 angle is obtained by bisecting the ______angle.

6- The compliment of 850

7- 750 is the supplementary angle of________.

8- Profit %= (profit x 100) /________.


C. Very short answer type questions- 20

1- If 21x 5 is a multiple of 9, where x is a digit, what is the value of x?

2- Add- yx-yz, zy-zy, xz-xy

3- Subtract- (-5x3+x-11)-(6x3+x2-2x)

4- Find the area of a rectangle with the length and breadth respectively 5a2b, 5 b

5- Express 81 as the sum of first n odd numbers.

6- Find square root of 1156 by using long division method.

7- Find cube root of 5832 by prime factorization.

8- Regroup and factorize (ax-2b+bx-2).

9- Solve equation by using elimination method: 8y+3=27+2y.

10- Construct a quadrilateral ABCD where AB=3 cm, BC=4 cm, CD= 5 cm, AC= 6.5 cm and BD=7.5 cm.

D. Short answer type questions.(Do any 6) 18

1- Using suitable identities evaluate (49)2

2- If (x – )=10, find the value of (x2 + )

3- Factorise x2+3x-10

4- Factorise and divide (5x2-25x+20)÷ (x-4)

5- Using cross multiplication method solve this: =

6- The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 14. If the number formed in reversing the digits is less than the original lumber by 18. Find original number.

7- The cost of a chocolate is Rs. (2x + y). Tina bought 2(x + 2y) chocolates. Find the total amount paid by her in terms of x.

E. Long answer type questions (Do any 6) 24

1- In a school, number of boys are 160 more than the girls. If there are 45 girls in the school, find the number of girls in the school.

2- What is the single discount equivalent to two successive discounts of 50% and 50%.

3- Construct a rhombus PQRS. Given that PQ= 8 cm and / Q=750

4- Construct a square PQRS, the measure of whose one side is 7.6 cm.

5- The denominator of a rational number is less than its denominator than 5. If 5 is added to the numerator the new number becomes 11/6. Find the original rational number.

6- The area of a rectangle is 2x2-9x+10. If its breadth is (x-2) then find its length.

7- A positive number is 3 times another number. If 3 is added to the smaller number the difference between new number and greater becomes 31. What are the numbers?

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