CBSE Class 7 Social Science Sample Paper Annual Examination



Subject – Social Science

Time: 3 hour


All questions are compulsory.

1- Tick ( √ ) the correct answer – (6)

i) Rani Durgavati belonged to the tribe-

a) Munda

b) Gond

c) Ashom

d) None of these

ii) Sistar was invented by-

a) Tansen

b) Ramdas

c) Amir Khusrav

d) Chaitanya

iii) Shivaji was born in –

a) Hyderabad

b) Poona

c) Aurangabad

d) West bengal

iv) The Gobi desert is located in –

a) China

b) Mongolia

c) Brajet

d) Venezuela

v) The trans Siberian railways runs between Vladivostok and

a) Moscow

b) St. Peters Burg

c) Paris

d) Kiev

vi) An email is a type of

a) Print media

b) New media

c) electronic media

d) free media


2- Fill in the blanks with the correct answers – (6)

i) The state established by the Jats was called ______.

ii) A famous festival celebrated annually in Orissa is _____.

iii) The universal adult franchise is granted to people who are _____ years and above.

iv) Consumer rights day is observed on ___ every year.

v) Lehna was also known as Guru ______.

vi) _____ are the cheapest mode of transport.


3- Write T for true and F for false statements – (6)

i) The Malaylam language was influenced by Sanskrit.

ii) The main workers on a cattle ranch are the cow lays.

iii) The animals living in the tundra deserts are usually covered with fur.

iv) Balanced reporting always ends with passing a judgment.

v) It is difficult to communicate through the internet.

vi) A telephone is just a means of making a call.


4- Short answer type questions- (20)

i) Name the leader who took on the leadership after Guru Govind Singh’s death?

ii) Why was Urdu known as camp language?

iii) How did the Alwars and the Nayrnars reach out to the common people?

iv) Describe the climatic conditions of tropical evergreen forests?

v) Mention one advantage and the disadvantage of our transport?

vi) Which is the only interview the Amazon basin why?

vii) Name three types of rocks?

viii) What factors support to cultivation in prairies?

ix) Why was Narimada Bachao Andolan started?

x) What do you understand by brand?


5- Long answer type questions – (24)

i) Discuss the main factors that led to the popularity of Bhakti movements.

ii) Write a note on Banjaras?

iii) How did the Sikhs organize themselves into a strong army?

iv) Describe the lifestyle of the people of the Sahara desert?

v) What are the advantages of roadways?

vi) Distinguish between the tropical grass and temperas grass land?


6- Give reasons – (10)

i) Fur bearing animals are found in the Polar Regions.

ii) Commercial explanation of the forests is not possible in the evergreen forest.

iii) Tundra is a region with scanty vegetation.

iv) The Amazon River basin is sparsely populated.

v) Shifting agriculture is harmful for the forests.


7- Draw a diagram  of  Patterns of rural settlement, Grassland. (3)


8- Mention the following rivers in the physical map of India. (5)

i) Braham Putara

ii) Ganga

iii) Kaveri

iv) Godavri

v) Jhelum

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