CBSE Class 6 Social Science Sample Paper Annual Examination

Annual Examination Class-6 Subject- Social Science

Time: 3 hour


All questions are compulsory.

1- Tick ( √ ) the correct answer – (5)

i) The last battle where Ashoka fought his last war was in.

a) Patliputra

b) Kalinga

c) Varanasi

d) Kosala

ii) _____ was written by Kalidara.

a) Meghaduta

b) Indica

c)Abhigyana Shakuntalam

d) Panchtantra

iii) Forest are important as they prevent.

a) Soil erorion

b) Rainfall


d) depletion

iv) The technique of silk making first stared in

a) Sri Lanka

b) China


d) France

v) Members of the Municipality are

a) Chosen

b) nominated


d) noun of these

2- Write T for true and F for F for false – (5)

i) Jainism believes in Ahinsa and non-voilence.

ii) Panchatantra were tales written by Vishnu Sharma.

iii) Hiuen Trang visited India during the reign of Chandra Gupta Maurya.

iv) India imported ivory products from other countries.

v) The District Collector is the highest official of the sate govt.

3- Fill in the blanks -(5)

i) Chanakya was the author of _____.

ii) The ____ ocean is the only named after a country.

iii) Plateaus are reach in ____.

iv) India has an area of million rq. Km.

v) The Urban administrative bodies are formed for a period of ______.

4- Answer the questions -(30)

i) Who wrote the Mahabrata and the Ramayana?

ii) What were the three jewells as propagated by Mahavira?

iii) Which is the oldest veda?

iv) What is a sub-continent?

v) Name the important occupation of people who live in the plateaus?

vi) What are the four major domains of the Earth?

vii) Who is the head of the district Administration?

viii) What is livelihood?

ix) What are the main sources of livelihood in the village?

x) Name the major countries of the earth?

5- Name the following – (10)

i) The blue planet

ii) Realm of water

iii) The largest ocean in the world

iv) Two local winds in India

6- Long answer type questions. (20)

i) Discuss the main factors responsible for the popularity of Buddhism in ancient India?

ii) Describe the various ways in which the mountains are useful to us?

iii) Describe the Wildlife in India?

iv) What are the advantages of working in an office?

7- Mention the following states on Map- (5)

i) Himachal Pradesh

ii) Rajasthan

iii) Mizoram

iv) Chhattisgarh

v) Assam.




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