CBSE Class 6 Science Sample Paper SA-2

Annual Examination


Subject- Science

Time: 3 hour/ M.M.-80

All questions are compulsory.

1- Multiple Choice questions – (5)

i) Mirror reflects the light in –

a) T he same direction

b) a difference direction

c)no anywhere

ii) The property of light travelling in a straight line. Is known as.

a) pencil beam

b) rays

c) rectilinear propagation of light

iii) Magnets should not be placed near a.

a) book

b) computer


iv) Which of these is a non-magnetic material?

a) Nickel

b) cobalt

c) table

v) Which of the following material is an electric conductor?

a) Plastic

b) silver

c) cork

vi) Which of these is not a source of fresh water?

a) Lake

b) ocean

c) river

vii) Which of these is not soluble in water?

a) Sand

b) salt

c) sugan

viii) Air is present-

a) In soil

b) in water

c) in both

ix) The gas which supports burning is –

a) Oxygen

b) nitrogen

c) carbon dioxide

x) Humans is obtained by –

a) Recycling

b) composting

c) land filling

 2- Fill in the blanks –  (5)

i) ________ objects form no shadow.

ii) Light is a form of _______which gives us the sensation of sight.

iii) Magnets are usually made of _____or_______.

iv) Electricity will only flow in a _______circuit.

v) A material that lets electricity pass through it is called______.

vi) Air occupies _____.

vii) ________is the upper most layer of the atmosphere.

viii) Moving air is called_____.

ix) Objects which emit their own light are known as ______.

x) Magnetism is concentrated in the_______ of a magnet.

 3- Write T for true of F for false.(5)

i) Air is a mixture of gases .

ii) Air acts as a medium for flying.

iii) Aquatic plants do not need oxygen.

iv) Rainwater is the purest form of water.

v) Glass is a transparent object.

vi) We get hydro electricity from wind.

vii) Poles of a magnet always exits in pairs.

viii) Images are also known as shadows.

ix) Gold is a translucent metal.

x) Translucent objects form a faint shadow.

 4- Match them –  (6)

‘A’                                         ‘B’

i) Drought                      carbon dioxide

ii) Ground water            non- luminous object

iii) Helps in burning of   candle lack of rain

iv) 0.03% of the air        luminous body

v) A body                       emitting its own light oxygen

vi) Moon                        water from ground

 5- Define the following- (5)

i) Drought

ii) landfill

iii) insulator

iv) shadow

v) Biodegradable Substances

 6- Give One word for the following- (5)

i) The uppermost layer of atmosphere is called

ii) Absorption of harmful radiation by

iii) Maintenance of oxygen concentration in atmosphere

iv) Change of water vapour into water by cooling

v) Resources that can be replenished

 7- Unscramble to get a word – (5)






 8- Short answer type questions(Do any 8)- (16)

i) What is water harvesting?

ii) How is air used to generate electricity?

iii) What is landfill?

iv) What will happen if a bar magnet is cut into half?

v) What is the significance of a switch?

vi) Why is humus considered good for growing plants?

vii) Differentiate between an image and a shadow?

viii) List various shapes of magnets that you can find?

ix) In which layer of the atmosphere does the formation of cloud take place?

x) What is shadow? How is it formed?

 9- Long answer type questions(Do any 4)- (16)

i) Why is incineration not a good practice of getting rid of garbage?

ii) What are the three Rs that should be followed explain?

iii) Write any four uses of water.

iv) Briefly mention the composition of air.

v) Why is plastic viewed as a menace?

vi) List a few uses of electricity.

 10- Draw any two diagrams – (9)

i) A magnetic compass

ii) Distribution of earth’s water

iii) Pie chart to show composition of air

iv) Chart on e-waste.

 11- Give reasons of any two – (4)

i) Why rubber or plastic are used covering electrical wires.

ii) On a rainy day, you see earth warms coming out.

iii) Water vapours are not found in the layers above troposphere?

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