CBSE Class 5 Science Sample Paper Annual Examination


Sub- Science

Time: 3 hour


All questions are compulsory.

1- Choose the correct option for each of the following – (5)

i) Which of the following is a gemstone?

a) Coal

b) Mica

c) Emerald

ii) Formation of mist is an example of _____.

a) Freezing

b) Melting

c) Condensation

iii) When a solid is heated it

a) Expands

b) Contracts

c) Freezes

iv) Objects that give out light are called

a) Opaque

b) Luminous

c) Transparent

v) Which of the following objects cannot form a shadow?

a) Pencil

b) Clear glass

c) Bag

vi) Which of the following is a type of force?

a) Electrostatic

b) Light

c) Sound

vii) Which of these force is always attractive in nature?

a) Friction

b) Gravity

c) Magnetic

viii) Which among the following is the smallest unit of time?

a) Second

b) Hour

c) Day

ix) How many milliliters make one liter?

a) 1000

b) 100

c) 10

x) Which of the following is an igneous rock?

a) Obsidian

b) Slate

c) Sandstone

2- Fill in the blanks – (5)

i) Pumice is a type of _____ rock. (Sedimentary/ igneous)

ii) ______ is used in food. (Talc / Rock salt)

iii) The color of a shadow is always _____ (White/dark)

iv) A fan uses _____ energy to work. (Electrical/ Light)

v) A light bulb gives ____ energy.(Light/ sound)

vi) 1 hour is equal to _____ minutes. (24/ 60)

vii) A stopwatch is used to measure _____ (Temperature / time)

viii) _____ is used to make roads. ( Tar/ marble)

ix) Butter paper is an example of _____ material. (Transparent/ translucent)

x) A wheel barrow is an example of a _____. (Second-class/ third class)

3- State whether following statements are true (T) or false (F). (5)

i) Atoms are the building blocks of matter.

ii) When heated, atoms move faster.

iii) Shadows can be formed without a light source.

iv) Shadows are always dark.

v) Coal is a metallic mineral.

vi) Shale is used in making bricks.

vii) Force can change the direction of motion of an object.

viii) Energy and force are one and the same.

ix) Liter is a unit of mass.

x) A day is divided into 24 equal durations.

4- Match the following – (5)

i) Igneous                    Marble

ii) Sedimentary            Feldspar

iii) Metamorphic          Obsidian

iv) Non – metallic mineral                         Diamond

v) Gemstone               Conglomerate

5- Give two example for each of the following – (7)

i) Mineral             _______        ________

ii) Opaque             _______        ________

iii) Transparent material _______        ________

iv) Pulley _______        ________

v) Wedge _______        ________

vi) Source of sound energy             _______        ________

vii) Metamorphic rock             _______        ________

6- Answer the following in one word – (7)

i) Building block of matter.

ii) An example of a liquid.

iii) The state of matter in which particles move freely.

iv) Standard unit for measurement length.

v) Standard unit for measurement of time.

vi) The space between two molecules.

vii) The standard unit measurement of temperature.

7- Give answer in short (any 8) – (16)

i) Which types of rocks are formed after volcanic eruption? Give two examples.

ii) What are ores? Give two examples.

iii) What is expansion?

iv) Why do transparent materials not form shadows?

v) State two factors on which the size of a shadow depends.

vi) What is energy?

vii) Name the six types of simple machine.

viii) What is friction?

ix) Name two devices used to measure small lengths.

x) What is the relationship between degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit?

8- Give answer in long (any 5) – 20

i) Write a note on the formation and uses of pumice.

ii) Define transparent, translucent and opaque materials. Give two examples of each.

iii) Name three body parts used in earlier day for measuring length?

iv) Explain physical changes and chemical changes with the help of examples.

v) Explain the formation of igneous rocks.

9- Give answer with diagram (any 2) – 10

i) What is a lever? Explain the types of levers with one example of each.

ii) Draw diagram of devices that used to measure capacity and time.

iii) Explain with diagram what happens when a liquid is heated.

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